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Mar 16 2024

London Beefing Up Safety Measures with New Gear

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Everett Hanmer, Ontario Football Conference

The London Beefeaters are working to increase player safety as they prepare for the upcoming season. The Beefeaters will be implementing protective helmet covers for all players during their practices this season. The Guardian Cap, is a soft-shell helmet cover that fits over the traditional hard-shell football helmet.The padded layer is designed to significantly absorb and disperse the force from impacts to the head by up to 33% according to the company’s website. 

The Guardian Caps are the focus of the Beefeaters' third annual offseason "55 Yard Drive" Fundraising campaign. Head Coach Matt Snyder says that he sees Guardian Caps as another example of the team’s focus on player safety. “We felt that they [Guardian Caps] would allow us to further commit to the safe practice habits that the Beefeaters program places a premium on.” Expanding on this, Snyder mentioned that the caps are already in use by numerous Ontario University teams during practices. After discussions with several OUA head coaches, he became convinced that adopting Guardian Caps would significantly improve the football experience for their players.













In addition to the OUA, the Guardian Caps are worn by all NFL and CFL teams, 300+ colleges, 3,000+ high schools and 750+ youth programs. 

The team plans to outfit the entire roster with Guardian Caps starting from training camp this season. Snyder explained that the caps will not change the way that the team runs their practices, however will serve as a way to further reduce the risk of incidental head contact during drills and controlled scrimmages.

?New England Patriot players wearing Guardian Caps in practice












Reflecting on the broader mission of the OFC and the Beefeaters' commitment to player well-being, Matt Snyder emphasizes the importance of safety in practice and its impact beyond the field. “We want to make sure that the players are safe while practicing and are able to go back to their day jobs or school the next day free of injury. That’s something that our coaching staff takes a lot of pride in.”















Snyder says that there has been a great deal of support to the fundraising campaign, highlighting the significant  backing from the local community. The adoption of  Guardian Caps will not only advance player safety, but also reinforces a commitment to nurturing a safe sporting  environment, demonstrating that the focus extends beyond just strategies and plays.

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